Globe Trotter or Armchair Traveler: Our Travel Club is for You

Our travel club is a wonderful mix of those who are still actively traveling, and those who just want to enjoy hearing from others about their trips. At our March 2018 Club meeting, member Charlie Hallahan gave a wonderful presentation on his trip to Palestine. For those of you who couldn’t be there, a few photos courtesy of Charlie below.

Meeting with a Samaritan official on Mount Gerizim outside Nablus.

Curvy roads and curvy camels in the West Bank.

St George’s Monastery – a 5th Century Greek Orthodox Monastery near Jericho.

The key symbol appears in Palestinian towns as a reminder of hopefully returning to their homes lost in the 1948 and 1967 wars.

Read signs in Hebron carefully.

Travel Club members also independently coordinate trips for those interested.  The most recent tour selected was in September 2017 – a Grand Circle Line cruise that included Malta, the Western Coast of Italy, and Rome.  Read about that trip and see photos here.

If you wish to join our Travel Club, please email the office.

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