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Our Lecture Series – Dr. Douglas L. Griffin

Encore Learning has a partnership with Arlington Central Library to present a variety of speakers each month. Our joint “Meet the Speaker/Author” series presentations are free, open to the public, and always well attended.

IMG_20170522_145455462 2nd crop
A crowd gathers for Dr. Griffin’s presentation.

On May 22, 2017, we hosted Dr. Douglas L. Griffin, whose presentation was titled Reforming Biblical Spirituality: Exploring Ancient Texts with Modern Eyes. Encore Learning Instructor Dwight Rodgers introduced Dr. Griffin, and member Claire McCarthy moderated the Q & A following the presentation.

Claire McCarthy Dwight Rodgers Douglas Griffin May 22 2017_ 1 Cropped
Pictured (from left to right): Claire McCarthy, Dwight Rodgers, Dr. Griffin

Dr. Griffin is a scholar of the Historical Jesus movement, and views the texts of the Jewish and Christian tradition through the eyes of the critical historian as well as Christian practitioner. Dr. Griffin’s PhD is in religion and culture from Catholic University, and he is a long-term affiliate of the scholarly Westar Institute. In addition, Dr. Griffin has a firm attachment to Buddhist tradition.

Claire McCarthy Dwight Rodgers Douglas Griffin May 22 2017_ 2
Pictured (left to right): Dr. Griffin, Claire McCarthy, Dwight Rodgers

Dr. Griffin is the author of the provocatively titled If You Find Jesus Bury Him!: Reforming Biblical Spirituality. His book is available from Amazon in Kindle form and from Barnes and Noble in Nook form.

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