The Changing Face of Arlington: Community Advisory Council Annual Meeting

On May 2, 2018, we held our annual Community Advisory Council meeting, hosted by Marymount University in their beautiful new building in Ballston.

Left to right: Adrian Stanton, Kate Bates, Katie Cristol, Marianne Ward-Peradoza, Jay Fisette, Art Gosling, Chris Milliken – speakers at our 2018 Community Advisory Council Meeting. Photo by Joe Furgal.

As guests arrived, Pat Chatten and Steve Spangler were there to greet them and provide name tags. Member Joe Furgal was on hand to take photos – thank you Pat, Steve and Joe.

Steve Spangler and Pat Chatten hand out name badges. Photo by Joe Furgal.

There were a few minutes for coffee and conversation before the meeting began.

Coffee and conversation before the meeting. Photo by Joe Furgal.

President Art Gosling opening the meeting. Photo by Joe Furgal.

After our President Art Gosling kicked off the meeting, we were welcomed by Dr. Marianne Ward-Peradoza, Dean and Professor at the School of Business Administration, Marymount University, our host. 

Dean Ward-Peradoza welcomes us to Marymount. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Next, Council Chair Chris Milliken introduced our panel.

Council Chair Chris Milliken introduces our panel. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Former Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette led the interactive discussion on “The Changing Face of Arlington.” Panel members:

  • Katie Cristol, current Arlington County Board Chair
  • Kate Bates, CEO of Arlington Chamber of Commerce
  • Adrian Stanton, Vice President of Marketing at Virginia Hospital Center

Katie Cristol responds to a question. Photo by Joe Furgal.

The room was packed and the discussion was of great interest to all. Topics discussed ranged from demographics to transportation to housing to open space. And of course, Amazon! The question and answer session was lively.

A packed house. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Q&A Kerry Jones. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Member Jere Cummins and Council Member Theo Stamos. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Our crowd kept panel moderator Jay Fisette on his toes and he more than met the challenge. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Jay Fisette poses a question to the panel. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Q&A Kathryn Scruggs. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Adrian Stanton answers a question. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Katie Cristol answers a question. Photo by Joe Furgal.

More Q&A. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Kate Bates speaks to a question. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Q&A John Metzler. Photo by Joe Furgal.

After the panel discussion ended, members had a bit of time to ask questions one on one and catch up with friends.

Council Members and Encore Learning members post meeting. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Council Member Emma Violand-Sanchez with Carolyn Gosling. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Chris Milliken and Ed Rader. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Steve Spangler and Tom Adams. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Encore Learning staff greet Council Members Barbara Favola and Tannia Talento. Photo by Joe Furgal.

Council members Bob Brink, Mary Margaret Whipple with member John Milliken. Photo by Joe Furgal.

We are very thankful for our council members and look forward to their support in the upcoming year.

Encore Learning’s Community Advisory Council

Kate Bates
Robert H. Brink
Katie Cristol
Barbara Favola
Jay Fisette
David Foster
Patrick Hope
Diane Kresh
Kris Martini
Christine T. Milliken
Patrick K. Murphy
Una Murphy
Edward Rhodes
Matthew Shank
Theo Stamos
Rip Sullivan
Tannia Talento
Emma Violand-Sanchez
Mary Margaret Whipple
Olivia Wong

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