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Encore Learning is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Any donation is a charitable contribution deductible from income tax to the full extent permitted by law. Donations may be made by check or online. Members, friends and organizations wishing to support Encore Learning may direct contributions to our General Fund to help us sustain quality academic courses, special events and clubs or to the Arthur W. Gosling Scholarship.

Arthur Gosling
Arthur Gosling
Arthur Gosling Scholarship Recipient
David Rhoad and 2015 scholarship recipient

The Arthur W. Gosling Scholarship (formerly known as the Arlington Youth Scholarship) was established in 2009 and currently awards an annual scholarship of $2,500 to an Arlington Public School graduate going to George Mason University or Marymount University. The scholarship is administered by the Arlington Community Foundation and Encore Learning makes an annual contribution to the fund based on contributions received. Additional monies given to the fund will help increase the value of the scholarship and ensure its longevity.


Encore Learning provides scholarships to members based on financial need. Up to five such scholarships are available yearly. Each scholarship will provide one year membership and one free course registration for each of the two terms covered by the scholarship. There is no guarantee that the desired courses will have space available upon the recipient’s registration. Those interested in the scholarship program are asked to call Encore Learning for details, 703-228-2144 or email info@encorelearning.net.