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Dr. Chip Beck: Soldier, Sailor, Artist, Spy

As part of our ongoing Encore Learning Presents series, we were proud to welcome Dr. Chip Beck to Arlington’s Central Library. 

Dr. Chip Beck, before his talk in the audtorium of Arlington’s Central Library.

Dr. Beck is a retired Navy Commander and frogman, former CIA and State Department consultant and NCIS Agent, as well as a U.S. Army combat artist and editorial cartoonist. With more than 45 years working on international affairs and direct involvement in many crises around the globe, Dr. Beck shared his insights and behind-the-scenes tales of some of recent history’s most intriguing events.

His free-wheeling talk delved into his many adventures in Asia, Africa, and Central America, including Cambodia and Cuba, during war and peacetime, as well as many amusing interludes in between. Dr. Beck also shared details about his life as a combat artist, including in Desert Storm and as Artist in Residence at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

View Dr. Beck’s work online.

Encore Learning Presents is jointly sponsored by Encore Learning and Arlington Public Library. Check our online calendar for upcoming presentations. Unless otherwise noted, all presentations are open to the public, no registration required.