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“Encore Learning allows me to view exhibits that I might otherwise not see. It makes available courses that keep me up to date with world events and makes me realize every day why life is great in Arlington.” — Nancy Etkin

“I enjoy an intellectual climate that’is not otherwise available. I try to take two classes and participate in two clubs every semester. I also enjoy all the Monday afternoon seminars at the central library.” — Douglas First

Special events are tours, concerts, lectures and other events organized for Encore Learning members by our Special Events Committee.

Only Encore Learning members may register for Special Events, except those events scheduled at Arlington County public libraries, where members and non-members are welcome.  There is no fee to reserve a space for Special Events.  However, some events may require ticket, entrance or other fees.

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List of Special Events

Special events are announced in emails to members.

View our current list of Special Events.

View our Flyer Library for examples of our past events.

Reserve a space

Reservations for Special Events are simple and easy: Reserve onlineYou must be a current member to reserve a space at an event.

Special Event Fees and Cancellation Policy

Cancel your reservation


Arlington Central Library

Please send an email to info@encorelearning.net

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Login to Member Account Manager,  then click on My Activities tab under My Account.

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Special Events Committee

The Encore Learning Special Events Committee works with other organizations to prepare special events for members for the fall and spring terms and for the hiatus between terms.

Suggestions from members for future places of interest are always welcomed by the Special Events Committee as the greater Washington area is a treasure trove of opportunities, some of which—such as embassy visits—are otherwise normally private.

For more information, contact the Encore Learning office at 703-228-2144 or info@EncoreLearning.net.

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