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Zoom Resources

To successfully participate in an online class, you will need:

  • Working computer (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED), tablet or smart phone
  • Zoom application downloaded to your computer or device
  • Familiarity with Zoom (see below)
  • Course registration confirmation(s)
  • Your course-specific Zoom ID and Zoom passcode
    1. Log in to Member Account Manager, using your Encore Learning User Name (your email) and password.
    2. Click on My Activities, then (under course name) View Class Media.
    3. Under Documents, open Zoom Info.pdf to get the Zoom ID and passcode (valid for all class sessions for the course).
    4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of your courses.
    5. Retain a copy of the Zoom Instructions pdf on your desktop for easy reference and linking for each class session.
  • Ensure best Internet connection.
    • Test connection speed by inputting “speedtest” into your browser search engine (most links will provide a good tool).
    • If connecting by WiFi and you get less than 10Mbps download speed, move to a location closer to your modem/router. Test again. If on a computer and speed has not improved, recommend getting connected by Ethernet cable to modem/router.
    • For phones and tablets, WiFi will be your only connection, being close to modem/router source is only solution.
If your Zoom Meeting ID or passcode are not working, try any of these steps:
  1. Turn off your Caps Lock and make sure your Num Lock is not on
  2.  Clear your browser history/cache. How to do this depends on your device's browser and whether you are connecting via the browser or the Zoom app.
  3. Try logging in differently. If you were trying to login via the Zoom app, try logging in on the web browser, or vice versa
  4. Update your Zoom application

You can play around with Zoom and test the settings on your computer ahead of time by using their test meeting functionality: https://zoom.us/test

If you have your Meeting ID and password noted: On the first day of class, 15 minutes prior to the start time go to https://zoom.us/join and type in the Meeting or Webinar ID and then the passcode. Grab a cup of coffee and wait for class to begin at the top of the hour. Email info@encorelearning.net if you have any issues – we’ll be online and ready to help.

We’ve created the following resources to help you get started.

Get Acquainted with Zoom Video Tutorial on YouTube

FAQ for Zoom – including troubleshooting tips

Presentation Slides from Get Acquainted with Zoom April 8, 2020

Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation in Zoom

A video explaining adjusting relative size of shared screen and video.