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Step by Step Instructions – First Time Account Access & Membership Renewal

How to gain FIRST-TIME access to your existing account in the new system (for current and former members).

NOTE: you must complete this one-time process to use the new system. Passwords used in the old registration system are no longer valid.

1. From this website, under QUICK LINKS on the right, select Member Account Manager.

2. Select the Login link at the upper right side of the page.

3. Under Returning Members, select the link Don’t know your password?

4. Enter your current email address and select the Submit button to receive an email message with the subject Password Recovery.

5. Check your email. In the Password Recovery email message, select the link “click here.”

6. Type your chosen password in the password field and type it again to confirm. Then select the Save button below the passwords.

You now have a login (your confirmed email address) and a password. You are in!

Trouble shooting:

If the system displays “Username does not exist. Please enter a new one.”

  •  It may have been a keying error. Retype your current email address and submit again.
  •  You may have changed your email address. Email the office asking for an email update. Please include your full name and contact information. Staff will update your email address during office hours and send confirmation by email. Begin the password process again with the updated email address.

If you don’t receive the Password Recovery email message immediately, please be patient: not all email processors are instantaneous. We have found that it can take anywhere from 2 to 30 minutes. Consider checking your spam filter.

How to RENEW your Membership

1. From this website, under QUICK LINKS on the right, select Renew Membership.

2. On the Log In page, enter your email address and password in the fields on the right under Returning Members then select Login button.

3, Select MEMBERSHIP from the options on the left.

4. Choose Add to Cart.

5. Select Checkout to pay for your membership renewal.  Billing contact information is pre-filled. If any information is different, e.g., the name on the credit card, edit as needed.

6. Provide the requested credit card information then select Process Payment.

Once your credit card payment is accepted, the screen will display “YOUR REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE! A confirmation email has been sent to the address on file.”  You may print from this screen or access the invoice/receipt at any time in the My Billing Info tab under My Account.

These instructions are taken from our Quick Start Guides – one page guides on how to work with Member Account Manager. See the complete set of Quick Start Guides.