Membership Committee

The Membership Committee has a broad portfolio that includes the development and implementation of an annual new member recruiting plan, orienting new members, tracking and analyzing membership levels, and providing membership services. It provides basic hospitality services (food/beverages) and organization for social/business functions, as well as overseeing Encore Learning clubs.

The Membership Committee also is responsible for the management of institutional assessment using such tools as surveys and questionnaires to determine membership trends and interests.

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Academic Programs Committee

The Academic Programs Committee recruits potential instructors and works with the instructors to develop appropriate course descriptions for the course catalogs.  It organizes this material in conjunction with the Encore Learning individuals charged with catalog development and site selection.  The Academic Programs Committee coordinates with the Registrar and the Class Aides Co-Chairs to ensure instructors receive the technical resources necessary to conduct their courses. It also collects and reviews course evaluations for use in determining future course offerings.

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Class Aides Committee

Class Aides are the pivotal interface between our student-members and instructors, the classroom venue, and the Encore Learning administration. The Class Aides Committee recruits, contacts, trains and coordinates class aides for each course during each term. It assembles the packets the class aides will use in the classroom and updates them as necessary. It also reviews and documents any issues with procedures, venues and policies with the class aides at the conclusion of each semester.

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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee coordinates, edits, proofreads and produces the semi annual catalog of academic courses distributed to members and to area libraries. The catalog information is also posted to Encore Learning’s website.

Information Technology Committee

The Information Technology (IT) Committee reviews and recommends improvements and enhancements to hardware and software to meet organizational needs.

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Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee develops, coordinates, and implements events by soliciting ideas from the general membership and through special events committee members. Its work includes meeting, greeting, and introducing guest speakers and arranging audio/visual equipment with venues as required.  It identifies the type of promotion required for each event and develops a working file of contacts, history of events offered and indications of membership interest.

Volunteer Committee

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, placement and recognition of Encore Learning volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinator works with other Board members to identify volunteer needs and requirements; creates an annual inventory of volunteers; and develops volunteer groups aiding in classroom audiovisual and distributing our catalogs to area libraries.

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